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Quality fit sizing:

XS- neck size 8”-12”
Ex. Chihuahua (also cat or rabbit)

Small- neck size 12”-15”
Ex. Beagle, terriers

Medium- neck size 15”-17”
Ex. Cocker Spaniel

M/L- neck size 17”-20”
Ex. Husky, large poodle, doodles

Large- neck size 20”-23”
Ex. Golden retriever, German Shepherd and Lab

XL- neck size 23”-25”
Ex. St. Bernard, Bull Mastiff

Materials: 100% Cotton
Machine wash and dry


We also give 10% of our proceeds to our local animal rescues and others we follow to help more animals find their forever home.

Say hello to us on Instagram and tag us in your photos and posts @MyBowtieBazaar or #mybowtiebazaar to be featured on our page!  


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