Help us raise money to get better medical care for 10 cats coming from overseas. All proceeds from our catnip toys will be donated to  @steelcityadventurecats. 


@steelcityadventurecats " On June 28th, 10 abused/abandoned cats from a Middle Eastern country where animal welfare is far from desirable- are flying into our care ✈️ We have become friends with a passionate rescuer in the country who is making this transfer possible.

We decided to name this project Safely Home- an idea from our friends @stitchandcedar & @lifewithlsj 🙏

Street cats in this country are subject to daily abuse and neglect/ abandonment and receive no institutional support as there are no shelters, animal welfare NGOs or government run TNR programs which further worsens their situation. Volunteers put their own money into rescue cases and look for homes abroad as good homes found locally are very rare.

Each cat costs around $670 total for everything needed to get them from the Middle East to the US, so we’ve set up a Gofundme to help raise the funds needed to complete this project (link in bio). We are also raising the funds needed for a service to pick these cats up from JFK and deliver them to Pittsburgh. Every donation big or small makes this possible!"